Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 5 - Club BRILLIANT

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 5 – Club BRILLIANT

Jul 20, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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If you have the honour to do the final show of fashion week, you’ll make sure you do it with a bang. And that is exactly what happened at Club BRILLIANT presents Fool’s GOLD by Dennis Diem featuring Italia Independent. It was the place to be, as a great number of celebrities sat front row while others squeezed themselves against each other for the last spots.

Club BRILLIANT opticiens know how to present the latest eyewear, given that the show started with half naked male models wearing nothing more than nickers and a pair of sunglasses of Italia Independent. After which the female models appeared on the catwalk in gold coloured dresses and black garments by Dutch designer Dennis Diem, striding on impossible looking high heels. Front row seated America’s Next Top Model‘s Miss J, even boo-ed one of the models, because she couldn’t walk properly in the architectural shoes and got passed by another model. Besides this small incident, it was a brilliant gold finale of this season’s fashion week.

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