Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 4 - FRANK

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 4 – FRANK

Jul 19, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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The launch of new luxury brand FRANK created quite a buzz during fashion week, not in the smallest bit because of all the mysteriousness that surrounded the show, it was more about the show’s finale…

Only seven people knew low-priced Dutch brand Zeeman was behind the creation of the label FRANK, a collaboration with Swiss designer Frank Kungl. The announcement of a new luxury brand attracted a curious fashion crowd to the show. I was just as suprised as the others, when Zeeman’s logo appeared on the screen at the finale of the show. The show was a guerilla stunt! A good prank if you ask me, since they did get everybody’s attention and demonstrated their vision: clothes don’t have to be expensive. Nevertheless, the shown items are not all available, only six pieces are for sale. Instead of making profit of this collection, Zeeman just sends a clear message: ‘looking good, doesn’t have to be pricy’. And I couldn’t agree more on that, if only the yellow gown with the nice back was for sale!

Video FRANK by Zeeman guerilla stunt during Amsterdam International Fashion Week

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