Don't miss: Washed Out, Crystal Stilts, OFF!, Dry the River

Don’t miss: Washed Out, Crystal Stilts, OFF!, Dry the River

Jul 18, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Part-time pop journalist, living within walking distance from Leidseplein, hence ending up at gigs almost every other night. Every musical genre will do, but I have a preference for dark, melancholic, and above all authentic and honest music. If you feel there's a band I should know about, enlighten me by mailing to

So it’s Monday and you’re probably drowning in self pity after partying too hard. Work, school or a combination of both are making your life miserable and the only thing you’re looking forward to is the next weekend. Chin up dear reader. Bear with me and I will show you a world of musical splendour. Every other Monday, I will point out the best indie, folk and rock shows you might not want to miss. Get your ticket, enjoy the music and get straight to bed after. This is just what you need to slide a bit smoother through another cruel week of hard work.

Washed Out

Why: The summer hasn’t been treating us good yet. Where there should be sun, there’s rain. Instead of enjoying ourselves in the park, we’ve been sitting inside, hiding from wet, depressing conditions, begging the weather Gods for improvement. Even though new wave might fit your current, grey mood better, chill wave will provide in a lazy, beach fantasy that will pull you through this Dutch summer. When working in this genre, the name Washed Out is too easy, but the first full length of Ernest Greene, the man behind the project, has been getting very positive reviews. Within and Without is produced by Ben Allen, who also worked on Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion. Curious? Washed Out will be doing a gig at Bitterzoet, a place that can get quite hot when sold out. If you all decide to come we can pretend to be at a dark, steamy, indoor beach.
When: Saturday, August 6th
Where: Bitterzoet
Tickets: €10,00

Crystal Stilts

Why: Some time ago I mentioned their past Paradiso show. Those of you who were there will surely be at this new date too! Their sound holds a middle between Kasabian and Joy Division and their show is a noise disco on hallucinogens. This is awesome weirdness and a great live band. Lets hope they are bringing the same light guy along who did their last Amsterdam show.
When: Tuesday, August 9th
Where: Melkweg
Tickets: €11,00


Why: Last year the legendary Philadelphia hardcore band Ink & Dagger visited Melkweg but this time it’s all about L.A royalty. Be rested before you come to this OFF!/The Bronx doublebill; standing still just won’t do. OFF! is fronted by Black Flag’s original singer Keith Morris and has former members of Burning Brides and Hot Snakes. The songs of the debut album First Four EPs clock under two minutes and have a nice old school punk sound. The band had its live debut at SXSW last year and will be playing Amsterdam for the first time in this form. Should be very good!
When: Wednesday, August 24th
Where: Melkweg
Tickets: €17,00

Dry the River

Why: I realise we’re not even close to September, but news about this gig came out last week and it will sell out. At least, it should. Without even an album out, these guys manage to get booked for every big festival this summer. There is indeed a lot of talent here; the lyrics are smart, never cliché and even poetic, the harmonies are incredible, the band has a great drummer and is very driven. As sure as one can be, I’m sure this band will get recognition from a broader audience soon. If you missed their show during London Calling (like I did) this is a good opportunity to see them play a small venue. It’s just a matter of time before they’ll hit Paradiso’s big stage and then you’ll be telling your friends about that one time you saw them at Bitterzoet.
When:Thursday, September 22nd
Where: Bitterzoet
Tickets: €11,00

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