Filmfetish Friday: Harry Potter, La Conquête, Happythankyoumoreplease

Filmfetish Friday: Harry Potter, La Conquête, Happythankyoumoreplease

Jul 15, 2011 |  by  |  Art
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As a freelance journalist, Anouk (26) usually writes about what other people do or like. In her precious spare time she watches arthouse films. Not a few. A lot, thanks to her trusted Cineville pass. Here she can finally share her film-fetish with the world.

To watch or not to watch? I will tour around Amsterdam’s cinemas and answer this crucial question every Friday. Without mercy, of course. Sucky movies will be slaughtered, cinematographic pearls will be appreciated as such. Or the other way around. After all, good taste is in the eye of the beholder.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

It’s sad but it’s true. No, I’m not talking about this Potter film being the last one, although that’s also a bit sad, I’m talking about my Potter experience yesterday. I conquered the rain (well, I took the tram to The Movies) and soon after I arrived a devastating message filled the old cinema: ‘Harry Potter is canceled, because there is something wrong with the projector.’ Kids in tears, parents in distress and me trying not to look heavily disappointed. Bottomline is that I haven’t seen the last Potter yet. Still, I am recommending it and why wouldn’t I? Everything comes together in this film and with a director as David Yates, who made three Harry’s already, this almost can’t go wrong. Bye Voldemort!

Watch this film in Cineville’s: The Movies and Pathe (all of them).

La Conquête

Yesterday, I had to make a decision. Either I went home crying over Harry ór I would see La Conquête. I’m not a childish person, so a saw this film about Nicolas Sarkozy. This turned out to be a good choice. La Conquête (The Conquest) shows the rise of the current president of France. Remarkable, because it is forbidden in France to make a film about politicians under their real name. Director Xavier Durringer and screenwriter Patrick Rotman took a shot nonetheless. Their view: Sarkozy made his own populist bed and now he has to lie in it. The president already declared he doesn’t want to see the film, might be too confronting.
He assumes right, as actor Denis Podalydès ís Sarkozy: small, neurotic, bossy, arrogant and hungry for power. He slowly convinces everyone to support him in his quest for presidency. Almost everyone, except his wife Cécilia… Nice portret of the French political snake pit, but the film could have been a bit shorter. After all, we knów Sarkozy will be president. No need for such a long run-up.

Watch this film in Cineville’s: The Movies. Pathe (City and Tuschinski).


Josh Radnor, the guy from How I Met Your Mother, made a movie. I’ve never seen that show, but I heard it’s funny and so I had a good feeling about Happythankyoumoreplease. And yes, it’s an ‘okay film’ with some humorous elements. Too bad the incomprehensible elements are dominant. Josh, playing Sam Wexler, finds a lost kid on the subway. Usually, someone takes a lost kid to the police station, but Sam doesn’t. He has an important meeting and takes the kid with him. It gets even more unbelievable: the cutie-pie kid stays with him for days and days. Sam’s friends (with their own ‘love stories’ as a sidestep) think this is weird and I agree. It’s totally strange and you can’t build an entire story around such a strange starting point. Anyhow, Happythankyoumoreplease is good for a couple of laughs.

Watch this film Cineville’s: Kriterion.

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