Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 2 - Winde Rienstra

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 2 – Winde Rienstra

Jul 15, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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They say ‘After rain comes sunshine’ and that was truly the case when Winde Rienstra’s fashion show started. Outside it was raining cats and dogs, but when suddenly a violin started playing and the first model in a fashionable roulade came on stage, a big smile appeared on my face. Winde showed a beautiful collection of sculptural, almost sci-fi, pieces. As you can see, I was standing up close and every piece radiated true craftsmanship and eye for detail.

Winde totally understood the devil is in the details during the process of making a time-consuming collection like this. The colour palette consisted of different shades of white combined with wooden elements. I think she created a perfect balance between fashion, art and a bit of architecture, just the way I like it at a fashion show!

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