Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 2 - Gomes ESSER

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 2 – Gomes ESSER

Jul 15, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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Right after the amazing Winde Rienstra show, it was up to Gomes ESSER to blow everyone away with their designs. A difficult task, but when two shirtless male models appeared, everybody focused on the runway, after which America’s Next Top Models’ Sara Longoria took over, wearing a futuristic head cage and making all the heads in the audience turn.

Aleyda Gomes and Denise Esser showed an innovative collection with warrior-esk pieces and difficult constructions as accessories, looking like they belonged somewhere in the future. They truly showed they’ve got an extremely good eye for detail, as the models pealed off layers of clothes to show hidden treasures, which made me gasp every now and then. Eventhough this collection was definitely my cup of tea, I can’t say I’ll ever put on a head cage accessory for fun. But the necklaces and jackets will do just fine for me!

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