Meet the artist by the name of Kianoosh Motallebi

Meet the artist by the name of Kianoosh Motallebi
Jul 14, 2011 |  by  |  Art
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A little while ago a certain mr. Kianoosh Motallebi showed me around the Rijksakademie and told me all about his projects and his art. I can’t remember the last time I was this fascinated by the explanation of a creative process, as I heard Kianoosh talking about what it is that he does. That’s why I decided to contact him to profile him for Overdose.

Knowledge and imagination

Kianoosh is in search for bigger truths. Although he did try and study Medicine and Physics, he became frustrated by the narrowness of the knowledge he gained – as he was longing to see and discover the bigger picture. Soon he realised that in truth there is always a kind of paradox, metaphysically spoken but also in our daily lives. Gaining knowledge makes you realise there is still a lot more to know but at the same time you are getting closer to the truth. “And what would happen if we would discover the final truth as Odysseus did when encountering the Sirenes?”

Holland is going back to the medieval ages with these cuts on spending on culture

It’s amazing to see how this thinking translated into objects that exemplify this search for truth, paradox and meaning. He for example found the chemical elements that were, to his knowledge, never combined into one object. He also sculpted a terrestrial ball that contains all 94 elements in nature. For Kianoosh, it’s all about creating objects that spark the imagination, without explaining what you should think. Take for example his project in trying to combine the TL-light with an old-fashioned flashbulb. In terms of science, those two ways of making light are very different, but he found a way.

Of course he is truly saddened by the Dutch Government’s plans to cut spending on culture and arts and feels that it will take many years for Holland to regain its cultural climate as it is today. “Art is a way to lure people to step out of their known world and it seems that nowadays there is a fear of everything that is different.”

In November of this year you get a chance to visit his atelier at the Rijksakademie, so keep in touch for updates.

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