Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 1 - Tony Cohen

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 1 – Tony Cohen

Jul 14, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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Yesterday evening was the official opening of Amsterdam International Fashion Week S/S 2012. Designers Spijkers & Spijkers had the honour to do the first show, followed by one of my favourite designers of this week: Tony Cohen. After our interview I was more than curious to find out what his collection looked like. Thanks to Anna, backstage acces was arranged and we got ourselves a preview before the show, surrounded by beautiful models in hair and make-up, almost ready to rock the catwalk.

Leather, silk and drapes

With the setting of a fabulous frontrow and a packed room, model Kim Feenstra opened the show in a silk, dusty pink and nude, belted cocktail dress. Tony’s designs are well known for the use of delicate fabrics, soft tones, drapes and ruches, but this time it was a bit different. Although I did see a lot of looks involving silk chiffon and sequins, the designs were more edgy than usual. With tones as petrol green, silver and fuschia and fabrics as lurex chiffon and leather, the looks varied from sweet and soft to dark and rough. With look number 40, a silver belted liquid gown, model Kim Feenstra closed the show. The audience was more than satisfied, all they could do was cheer and applaud. And so did I.

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