Ordinary People Looking Extraordinary at 18hrs Festival

Ordinary People Looking Extraordinary at 18hrs Festival

Jul 13, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Normal people in Amsterdam who show their own style, caught on the street by our cameras. More street style from Amsterdam here.

A festival that lasts for 18 hours asks for a comfortable outfit. Just throw on some wellies, shorts and a pair of indispensable sunglasses. Ever since Kate Moss introduced this failproof festival look in 2005, girls slavishly copied it. Festival fashion has become almost equally as important as the music performances. Admit it, is there anything more relaxing than unashamedly staring at people behind your sunglasses while eating your swampy festival hamburger?

However, the definition of comfortable and fashionable was a little bit different at 18hrs Festival in Zaandam. I’ve never been to a festival where so many girls wore high heels and miniskirts. There was clearly more effort needed to document style here. As a buzzard looking for mice I went circling around the crowd to spot some stylish creatures for you. Finally. Eye candy for the style hungry!

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