Mixtape Monday: Meu Moqueca by Troeble

Mixtape Monday: Meu Moqueca by Troeble

Jul 11, 2011 |  by  |  Music
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Rob is 28 (but needs his beard to actually look like it), loves music, adventures and spontaneous people. His scribblings are about these things too, so if you share his interests, stay tuned!

A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

For this week’s Mixtape Monday, Troeble prepared a special musical stew for all our readers. His podcast is appropriately named after the traditional Brazilian dish Moqueca; his favourite dish during recent travels through South America. His next gig will be at our festival: Next Monday’s Hangover – Out in the open. And in the future as a resident DJ at more of our NMH events.

Troeble – Meu Moqueca by Troeble

Ingredients: use only gems, add some claps and a spoonfull of shuffles, mix it together and let it simmer for 98 minutes for a 23track Moqueca. Don’t forget your Caipirinha!!

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