Beautiful men in a Dark Jungle by Cold Method

Beautiful men in a Dark Jungle by Cold Method

Jul 6, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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Last week I was invited to the spring/summer 2012 fashionshow of men’s label Cold Method. As if sitting front row wasn’t enough, I had the chance to take photos backstage. Not only did I had a little sneak peek before the show began, but I also found myself in serious male model heaven as I stepped into a Dark Jungle.

Dark Jungle

The location was a bit odd for showing men’s fashionwear, but the shipbuilding yard where people continued their work after the show, was actually a perfect venue for the collection named ‘Dark Jungle’. Head designer Dieter de Cock was inspired by the movie Lord of the Flies (1963). This resulted in a division between preppy school boys and jungle survivors which is translated in lots of blouses, cardigans, blazers, striped shirts and army-pants on the runway, guided by the band Valerius who was playing live. Even though the style varied, all the models were wearing Vans under their outfit. I would’t mind it at all if my boyfriend will add a few pieces from this collection to his wardrobe. Just take a look at the pictures and you’ll know why!

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