Streetwise raving at Tramme!and in 12 pictures

Streetwise raving at Tramme!and in 12 pictures

Jul 5, 2011 |  by  |  Music, Photos
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Hi my name is Fione. I have always lived in suburbs and this is what I write about. I don't like mancaves that don't allow women, unneeded advice and people jumping the queue. I like photography, the smell of sweets and the sun. I was away for some while, but I'm back writing and photographing, bringing you articles about new to discover spots.

Where were you last Sunday? Having brunch with your buddy ‘Hangover’? You missed out on a 1.) free… 2.) massive… 3.) intimate street rave at Sloterdijk (Ridz already mentioned it last Wednesday). Tramme!and refers to the place where it’s held: the new bus depot under the train station (but could also be translated to ‘troubles’). This second sunny edition was a buzz, with DJs Isis (greatness, but actually very small in size), True Identity, Dauphin, Roderick Fox and Watt JR. spinning the wheels.

Your next chance at attending is on the 7th of August. ‘De Amsterdamsche Tram’ on the Carascoplein 10 (an old-fashioned tram, normally in use as a lunch room), will be transformed into a party location once again, from noon ’till 10 pm.

To give you an impression of the atmosphere: people were chilling-out like in a sitting room, a Rastafari was flipping burgers and concrete surrounded everything; all complementing the rave perfectly. Don’t miss out on this! Thank me later, and check out my pictures!

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