I'm there and you should be too: Two Gallants & Swans

I’m there and you should be too: Two Gallants & Swans

Jul 4, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Part-time pop journalist, living within walking distance from Leidseplein, hence ending up at gigs almost every other night. Every musical genre will do, but I have a preference for dark, melancholic, and above all authentic and honest music. If you feel there's a band I should know about, enlighten me by mailing to macha@overdose.am.

So it’s Monday and you’re probably drowning in self pity after partying too hard. Work, school or a combination of both are making your life miserable and the only thing you’re looking forward to is the next weekend. Chin up dear reader. Bear with me and I will show you a world of musical splendour. Every other Monday, I will point out the best indie, folk and rock shows you might not want to miss. Get your ticket, enjoy the music and get straight to bed after. This is just what you need to slide a bit smoother through another cruel week of hard work.

Two Gallants

Why: This duo from San Francisco writes folk rock songs with a nice, slow yet dark vibe. Melancholic storytellers with music that works best in a small and intimate venue like the top floor of Paradiso. Adam Stephens has a beautiful, raspy voice that goes perfectly with their kind of Americana. They’ve been performing together since 2002, played on almost every continent, but stay under the radar. They do deserve a bigger crowd, so go out there, drink whiskey and you’ll be impressed with the songwriting of these guys.
Where: Paradiso
When: Thursday, 14th of July
Tickets: 13 euro


Why: These no wave legends were on a hiatus since 1997 and just started playing again last year. Swans stands for an exciting time in the New York, in the post punk era. They’ve been building their underground empire since the eighties, with frontman Michael Gira as the only constant member. The band did a show in Utrecht, somewhere last year, but that one I missed. Got to see them at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona though, where they blew everyone away with their raw sound. A very intense show and a definite must if you like it dark and loud!
Where: Melkweg
When: Wednesday 20th of July
Tickets: 25 euro

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