Dance with Julidans

Dance with Julidans

Jul 3, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Jerry is the name, online is my game. I'm a digital enthusiast, ranging from old skool gaming and Space Invaders to iPads and social media. The integration of digital elements in everyday life and art have my particular interest, and besides that I'm part time rockaholic.

There are several ways one can show his/her affection for dance – reading books about famous dancers, watching dance films, attending workshops and practising dancing, going to a club and, of course, seeing dance performances. That’s what Julidans is for.

Julidans, international summer festival for contemporary dance, started this weekend and goes on for the next 10 days in various locations in the centre of Amsterdam. Do not worry if you are not a dancer yourself or you do not have a lot of information about dance – I bet that everybody can find something of their interest in Julidans.

From Iceland to Mozambique, from the Netherlands to South Africa, from Brazil to Turkey – the choice is big. What makes me more keen about this festival, is the fact that these are not only dance performances. One can also go to dance films, dine with the choreographers, listen to panel discussions and take part in workshops. And did I already mention the closing party in the Melkweg?


When: July 1-10
Where: Various locations in Amsterdam, most of them in the city centre

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