Bad hair day? Try Kinki!

Bad hair day? Try Kinki!

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Hi my name is Fione. I have always lived in suburbs and this is what I write about. I don't like mancaves that don't allow women, unneeded advice and people jumping the queue. I like photography, the smell of sweets and the sun. I was away for some while, but I'm back writing and photographing, bringing you articles about new to discover spots.

There’s a barbershop in town unlike your ordinary hairdresser. Kinki is fresh, colorful and for all you young fashionistas out there: this is hair design 2.0. These people are true sculptors who always have their scissors ready, informing you with up-to-date tips and trends in hair land. The question is: are you ready for a complete creative hair- and mind changing experience?


The new Van Baerlestraat shop, in the museum district, is open since seven weeks. All five hairdressers, including owner Bart van der Vorst, come from Kinki Kappers Utrechtsestraat, and throughout the years they collected a shitload of experience working in several shops. All Kinki hairdressers went through a training at the Kinki Academy. To keep up the good work there’s a Kinki Lab, where new ideas are being created. They occasionally perform at shows in partnership with L’ Oreal Professionnel. A Kinki source informed me that plans are being developed to open up a new shop in the north of Amsterdam. In total that will make seven shops in Amsterdam already.

Kinki TV Identity 2010

Bad hair day recovery

I sometimes like to experiment with new and daring haircuts, and this is the place to be. By my own experience I can ensure you that whoever cuts you, they all have what it takes. Kinki has its roots in punk rock, and one can definitely tell by the result.

Cut. Color. Pop!

You can walk in and tell them to cut it however they think is right. Then cuddle in one of the comfy chairs and get a head massage while your hair is being washed. While you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, they carefully look at what fits your face and style and consistent with your needs they cut and shave an extraordinary haircut. Nothing standard or dull. If it takes a little longer they never lose patience, and will only be satisfied when you are. With a finishing wax touch, you can walk out and never have any complaints about the stunning result.

TKinki Kapper

Where: Van Baerlestraat 91
Phone: 020-6756760
Prices: Washing & Haircut: Starting at 41,- Euro

Monday: 12.00-18.00
Tuesday: 09.30-19.30
Wednesday: 09.30-19.30
Thursday: 09.30-19.30
Friday: 09.30-19.30
Saturday: 09.30-18.00
Sunday: Closed

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