Next Monday's Hangover: Nicolas Jaar, Lading, Moon Harbour, Nosaj Thing, Night Flight, Harvey & Trammeland

Next Monday’s Hangover: Nicolas Jaar, Lading, Moon Harbour, Nosaj Thing, Night Flight, Harvey & Trammeland

Jun 29, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Ridz, advertises, produces indie/electronic music, performs throughout the Netherlands but ultimately always ends up at an Amsterdam based ensemble... then he blogs about all these things.

Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Thursday: Dekmantel special feat. Nicolas Jaar x Soul Clap @ Paradiso

Nicolas Jaar has become one of the biggest talents in the current electronic music industry by fusing elements of soul, African jazz, dubstep and many, many more. He will perform his first ever live-show in the Netherlands on Thursday the 30th of June 30th, complete with a 4-piece band at one of Dekmantel’s specials at Paradiso. Also billed is the very much in-demand DJ-duo Soul Clap (about to release an excellent DJ Kicks CD together with Wolf + Lamb) and Dekmantel’s own Casper Tielrooij & Thomas Martojo.

Thursday: LADING @ Transformatorhuis, Westergasterrein

LADING is a free event this Thursday to close the Race Tegen De Klok student campaign at the Transformatorhuis in Amsterdam. To celebrate this, they brought along some serious names to bounce to such as De Man Zonder Schaduw, Warren Fellow, Wouter de Moor, Tettero and Juan Sanchez! Only thing you need to do to attend this event is register online at

Friday: Midnight Freaks invites Moon Harbour @ AIR

Boy oh boy. Matthias Tanzmann, Jesse Rose, Boris Werner, Chris Lattner, Limon, Ferro… What a line-up for a random friday club night in Amsterdam. Tanzmann and Rose are a few of the influential producers I started to appreciate back when I really got into minimal and techno. Moon Harbour is their label for those of you wondering what that name has to do with anything. Another fun fact is that this will actually be the last time Chris Lattner is playing in the Netherlands, so there’s this thing that people do when it’s the last time of something; indeed, party hard. See you up front, and for a few lucky ones out there; we have 2×2 tickets to give away.

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Friday: Nosaj Thing @ klinch, Melkweg /K

Los Angeles based Nosaj Thing’s music is a mysterious mix of hip-hop, dubstep and other forms of electronica all mixed up into amazing and complex productions. He brings along an impressive set of visuals on a huge screen to intensify the live experience, so it’ll all be worth your money. An absolute must for the hardcore electronic music lover. Supporting him: Aardvarck and Myrkur.

Saturday: Night Flight feat. Steven Tang & Mark Du Mosch@ Studio /K (2×2 giveaway)

Studio /K’s Night Flight have something special to offer to end the club season in East Amsterdam. A household name in Chicago’s modern dance scene, Steven Tang has been holding it down for over a decade now with nothing but quality releases. Most of which on his own label, Emphasis Recordings. As far as DJ’ing – he’s been spinning and collecting since the heydays of the windy city, so you can expect to hear Chicago House history & future with a tinge of Detroit Techno as he shakes things up coming Night Flight in his first appearance ever in Europe (and thereby Holland). Supporting him will be another Night Flight favourite, Mark Du Mosch, and residents Jeroen Kok and Berend Kirch. Care to join the fun?

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Saturday: 360 & DJ Harvey @ Trouw

Sometimes 360 is just your usual night of clubbing at Amsterdam’s finest electronica club Trouw. Sometimes it’s not however, like this time. By now you probably know 360 Soundsystem for being a collective mostly featuring Patrice Baumel and Nuno Dos Santos, but have you ever heard of 540 Soundsystem? Basically, Darko Esser and Lesion join them behind the decks to form an even greater ensemble for the occasion. But the cool thing about this Saturday’s edition is that they are flying in the legendary DJ Harvey. This guy wasn’t allowed to leave the US for a long time due to some of his guilty pleasures, but that’s come to an end. Go check the guy out at de Verdieping together with resident Melon.

Sunday: Trammeland @ De Amsterdamsche Tram

Trammeland is a brand new house and tech party beneath Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. The first edition was a succes, and that’s why they’re doing it again this Sunday. If you like to rave, listening to warm and melodic tech/house music and like to kill a hangover on a Sunday this party is basically a must for you. Is the line-up for such an event even important? Yes ’cause none other than ISIS will join the party together with True Identity, Dauphin, Roderick Fox and Watt Jr. Have a pleasant Monday hangover Amsterdam!

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