Next Monday's Hangover: Trouw invites Nachtdigital, Nachtlab, Miscism, PUP, /K met Peren, PLAKwelt & Cassy

Next Monday’s Hangover: Trouw invites Nachtdigital, Nachtlab, Miscism, PUP, /K met Peren, PLAKwelt & Cassy

Jun 22, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: Trouw Invites Nachtdigital feat. Steffen Bennemann & Manamana @ Trouw

“What are you doing this summer?” is the question most asked in the clubs right now. Most likely answers in my own environment are Lowlands, Nachtdigital, Fusion or Melt! Festival. All of them already sold out. Luckily, Trouw anticipated a mild solution for the ones who are missing out on Germany’s loveliest festival as well as those wanting to catch a glimpse of what to expect this summer. Yes, this Friday Trouw invites Nachtdigital to host the dance hall with Manamana aka Map.ache & Sevensol, and none other than Berlin’s underground icon Steffen Bennemann.

Friday: Nachtlab presents Eelke Kleijn Invites @ Studio 80

Nachtlab is established to develop the well-being of Amsterdam’s night culture. With that being said, they also like to throw wicked parties and invite DJ’s/producers in the electronic genre to offer Amsterdam enough entertainment and BPM’s to lose those kilos before the summer. This time they bring over Eelke Kleijn and a handful of friends surrounding him. Who, you might wonder? Well, how about Simon Beeston, Warren Fellow, Miss Melera, Folker Zwart, John Wolff and last but not least the man himself. Not bad for just one of those Fridays in Amsterdam.


MISCISM is a party organisation that focuses on contemporary and futuristic UK house and bass music. This Friday they’re going all the way for their first anniversary by bringing over the finest selection of DJ’s they’ve had the privilege to turn tables with: Ill Blu, Jam City, Presk, Mike Engine & Styx and Sakka. If you’re a fan of the genre, this could be a perfect occasion to become acquainted with those tropical UK house sounds. My guess is that you cannot experience this event any better than through the super high quality subwoofers AIR has to offer.

Go meet-up at MISCISM and experience this anniversary for free by commenting on this post on Facebook with your favourite bass-orientated song to win one of our 2×2 giveaway tickets!

Friday: Friday: PUP – Official afterparty @ Cafe Cox

“PUP is a live blog where art, fashion, theatre, music and people meet and greet offline. PUP is an initiative for creative talent, and it’s primary goal is to be a platform for Puppers; young and innovative people that are active in various creative fields.” PUP also throws afterparties containing these same elements, but probably involving a bit more alcohol and a few spicy live electronic elements. The party will take place upcoming Friday at Cafe Cox (hipsters might know it from the DEP era) and features ingredients such as a YouTube DJ called Hip Hop Barbie and the You Tube Clan (what’s in a name…), Job & Jordi featuring Tim Ruig live on sax and an ensemble named Rock ‘n Rolla. Sounds kinda juicy, right? Go have a drink or two!

Saturday: /K met Peren: Op Vakantie! @ Studio /K (2×2 give away)

For this event you’re probably gonna have to bring more than your regular Saturday night clubbing outfit. Why? ‘Cause East side Amsterdam’s Studio /K will go all the way to turn their club into an mini festival, thus properly preparing us for the summer season beyond the early hours. The coasts of Europe will gleam with tropical sunrise: this party goes on ’till 4 in the morning, so don’t forget your toothbrush and swimming gear. What to expect? Dikke Vrienden, Harry Foolish, Shiny Shady, Sinister Souls, Diggy Dex (live) and loads of side entertainment to get you through this mayhem. Entrance is free during the day and only 8 euros for the night in presale. And if that wasn’t good enough for you; they offered us 2×2 tickets to give away.

Comment on this post on Facebook with your favourite Studio /K experience to win them 2×2 tickets!

Saturday: SSSST: PLAKwelt @ Sugar Factory

This Saturday, our friends from PLAK and Tierwelt combine forces to provide us with another night of local heroes behind the decks, complete with a small room where actually no house or techno is allowed. That’s right, a silent disco will be set up for the occasion to sing along to your favourite disco songs! Names? First area’s with Terry Toner, Jaime Frias & Tommy Kornuijt and Daan Donk. Silent disco area is ran by Plakband (PLAK’s all-star DJ team), The Puppyslayers and Epic & Ginger.

Sunday: Trouw op Zondag @ Trouw

Lastly, it’s that time of the month again: Trouw op Zondag, still one of my favourite club concepts around this town! You can grab a bite or do a dance with a crowd that’s mixed with people freshly off the boat and others who’ve been raving for the last 12 hours. This specific Sunday brings us another heavy weight in the German electronica scene: Cassy. This attractive woman has been a globetrotter for a while and was recently inspired by the Berlin club scene. By now she’s worked with artists like Ricardo Villalobos and Steve Bug and had releases on Perlon Records. Recently she started her own label, Cassy, and regularly spins at the infamous Panoramabar in Berlin. Now it’s time for a performance in Trouw, supported by resident Melon and a special act who shall remain mysterious for now. The only thing I can tell is he’s’ from Berlin as well and this won’t be his first gig in Trouw. Happy monday’s hangover Amsterdam.

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