Exhibition report: Adam Fuss, wizard of photography

Exhibition report: Adam Fuss, wizard of photography

Jun 21, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Sometimes art is about the unexpected. Going inside Huis Marseille just because I was in the neighbourhood and wanted to kill some time brought me to this crazy exhibition and in front of the man Adam Fuss himself. Standing before a photo with two dead rabbits, their guts lying around in a composition called love, I started scratching my head dumbstruck. For a wicked genius Fuss looked rather composed, like a politician speaking to his audience. But just like politicians I felt that vague sense of impending doom.

Adam Fuss is often called a ‘modern alchemist’ for his ability to work with primitive forms of photography and chemicals. Calling him an alchemist would be missing the point though, since if it’s needed, Fuss ‘photoshops’ his works into shape just as well. No, what makes Fuss so legendary is his ability to embed meaning and history in his work. Water depicts the force of movement, floating babies show a feeling of sensibility and series of death birds are put digitally together to make a Frankenstein of pure beauty. Whatever subject is photographed, the work is always telling you more. To grasp it, you’ll have to put some effort in first. If you do, expect to be scratching your head in awe.

Adam Fuss exhibition in Huis Marseille

Where: Huis Marseille
When: June 11th – Sept 4th

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