Get your dose of culture at Amsterdam Roest

Get your dose of culture at Amsterdam Roest

Jun 20, 2011 |  by  |  Photos, Spots
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I always find it funny how we end up comparing places in Amsterdam with other cities. It’s as if the term “Berlin” is a concept all by itself. But what about the concept “Amsterdam” then, what is typical for this city we all love? Luckily there are a few spots that are defining our city’s own identity, mixing in a little Berlin and East London spice along the way. This past weekend I was introduced to a new one of these during the opening of Amsterdam Roest.

The Location

Finding your way here isn’t the easiest task in the world, but once I zigzagged my way around the Oostenburgereiland, I was met by a selection of old warehouses standing in their true glory. With a very minimal low-budget approach and a whole lot of “Roest”, the team behind Canvas strike again. Setting the scene for a new cultural breeding ground, this new spot oozes potential. And they’ve even set up a beach volleyball court!

The terrain consists of a big warehouse, a smaller building with the main bar and a courtyard in-between the two leading to the outdoor area alongside the water. Everywhere you look you see where the name is derived from; old steel beams impregnated by water. There’s a true rawness to it all, something that really appeals to me. And apparently also to a good mix of people. The crowd is diverse, but everyone is welcome and no one is judged.

Future Plans

Ideas for the future are in full bloom and it all sounds very promising. There are plans for Sunday markets, film screenings, temporary expositions and a club. Also a number of seasonal specials; think summer BBQ or Oktoberfest. I have to admit that I can see myself hanging out here quite a bit.

In September, Roest will be closing though, but luckily not for long and not without a good reason of course. They’ll be taking a little time to do some larger scale renovations, preparing for the winter season. Because come October, they’ll be opening with an even bigger bang!

Roest is what Amsterdam needed, a breath of fresh air. It’s already being dubbed as “your new backyard” and “an oasis in the city”. I just hope they’ll stick to their promises and keep the surprises coming. It wouldn’t surprise me if we hear from this place again soon.

Amsterdam Roest

Location: Czaar Peterstraat 213 (Jacob Bontiusplaats)
Opening Times: 7 days a week, 12:00 – 23:00 (open till 03:00 for special events)

Pictures courtesy of Annelijn Hooij

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