Suburbia: meet Hotmamahot, the people you got to have at your party

Suburbia: meet Hotmamahot, the people you got to have at your party

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Hi my name is Fione. I have always lived in suburbs and this is what I write about. I don't like mancaves that don't allow women, unneeded advice and people jumping the queue. I like photography, the smell of sweets and the sun. I was away for some while, but I'm back writing and photographing, bringing you articles about new to discover spots.

Writing about Hotmamahot is like writing about family; I know these people by head and heart. Since last year, they populate the old yellow pump station in Amsterdam-North, where they organize workshops like sushi-making, lead by an Okura chef, bingo for children, but they also assist at numerous other events in Amsterdam. They are underground giants in the Amsterdam party scene and it’s worth knowing something about them.

I can go on and on about their many talents, but let me introduce you to a couple and a little Hotmamahot history. ‘Cause you can say they have written a little already…

The beginning

Where to start.. I have known them since the begin: Hotmamahot started out as a small group of three friends (Olivier, a.k.a. DJ O.Boogie, Bas, a.k.a. Basrabas and Jorik) who performed their art in an old pilot on the former Westerdoksdijk, where one of them lived. They where bound because they were friends from a young age and all liked graphic and industrial design. They used to create flyers for parties, graffiti art, funny furniture such as a sofa with a stereo in its armrests, and robots (Robbatron, Grillatron) to stage on parties and festivals like Kunstbende, the Uitmarkt and Kriterion.

Next level


When they moved to a new location in 2004, a large studio in the Tuinstraat (Jordaan), it all came together: Hotmamahot was highly contagious. Many friends with different skills joined in and the formation chanced a bit. Everyone, including other (graphic) artists who worked at this incubator of creativity, like main tenant Sander Belou, Arno Coenen and graffiti artist Recal One, added their share of inspiration. They now focussed more on party management (the legendary Hardlounge Rebirth parties in former Club 11), VJing, workshops for children (Fort Plankesteyn at de Parade) and still graphic design work. This was all done in typical Hotmamahot style: with a charming, childlike-sweetness, and with a humorous touch. When the group of members kept growing, the new place started bursting. They needed a place of their own, where they could –literally- build bigger projects.

To North Amsterdam

In 2009 they moved to the Van der Pekstraat in north and occupied an old anti-squatting residence offered by the the local authorities’ art department. They then began to take it all more serious as a business. A group of 15+ people worked there occasionally and in changing compositions, on their parties, festivals and corporate events. They then also co-founded Guerilla restaurant, a dining concept at secret changing locations, which is taking place again as part of Nuit Blanche tomorrow.

The present

They are now working together with many other northerners, such as the Noorderparkkamer in Florapark, presenting themselves on the NDSM wharf on many occasions such as last Queen’s Day and providing parties all over Amsterdam with signs, artwork and photo-boots, all with their Hotmamahot touch. Their latest home-base is at de Gele Pomp, mentioned earlier, but the Van der Pekstraat residence is also still in use as a silkscreen studio.

Now and then, they team up with the DJs from RedNose Distrikt, Steven de Peven and Aardvarck, on parties like Drie keer niks and Poespas, they work together with art collective Pibs:lab and they VJ with Nobody beats the drum.

Meet them at upcoming events, like the pancake factory with Taartrovers at the NORTH by NORTHWEST festival by Eye Filminstituut, the Hotmamahot store in Magna plaza during Nuit Blanche and this year at de Parade with a restaurant. Tickets for tomorrow’s Guerilla Restaurant during Nuit Blanche are still available at café Struik at Rozengracht or in the Hotmamahot store too!

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