Revive your creative braincells at PechaKucha

Revive your creative braincells at PechaKucha

Jun 17, 2011 |  by  |  Event
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You know that flat line you hear when your heartbeat stops?The last few days I have been walking around with this annoying, non-inspiring sound in my head.  My creative heart is dead. Obviously it’s the end of the year and I bet a good holiday abroad would activate my creative grey mass again, but for now I am in the grid (yes, from the movie Tron). Luckily, on Wednesday the 22nd of June there might be a cure to my zombie state of mind, because PechaKucha is coming to Trouw.

Some of you might already have heard, read or attended one of PechaKucha’s nights, but for the ignorant ones out there: this is not a new anime movie. ‘PechaKucha’ is a Japanese term, which can roughly be translated as chitchat or irritating chatter. Fortunately this banter is accompanied by an inspiring dose of information. The night presents 12 participants who will each provide you with a happy crossbreed between an elevator pitch and a slideshow. They each have 20 slides and 20 seconds to talk about their subject, thus having a limited amount of time to talk about their passion. This provides the audience with a dazzling range of speakers and images in the course of one evening.

The subjects of the night vary as candy, so you will have enough to chat about during the breaks. Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

The line up:

Wietske Maas
Brigitta van Weeren
Christiaan Maats (OAT Shoes)
Matjaz Stuk/Alena Hudcovicova
Joachim Rotteveel
Bert Kramer
Diederick Kraaijeveld (Oud Hout)
Ernst-Jan Pfauth (Dutch Problogger)
Roel de Boer (Boomwonen)
Christian Boer (StudioStudio)
Frank de Ruwe (Natwerk)
Pieke Bergmans

PechaKucha Night Amsterdam, volume 18

Tickets: € 7,00
Available at: The door or order online (advised)
Doors open at: 20.00 PechaKucha starts at 21.00
Location: Trouw, Wibautstraat 131

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