Nuit Blanche walk-through: warming up, video teasers and free tickets!

Nuit Blanche walk-through: warming up, video teasers and free tickets!

Jun 16, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Want to go on a 12 hour nightly journey through Amsterdam? Find obscure places, meet inspiring people, immerse yourself into new experiences? This is exactly what Nuit Blanche Amsterdam is offering you on June 18th.

It’s almost time for one of this year’s most exciting journeys through Amsterdam: Nuit Blanche. This Saturday from 7 pm till 7 am, you can visit places in Amsterdam you’ve never been to before or have never seen like this. During the last couple of weeks, we guided you through places which we thought you would be interested in. In this last walk-through article we will show you some great teaser videos to get you in the mood, and we are giving you the chance to win some tickets!

Just comment below this article on our Facebook, tell us your favourite part of the programme, and maybe you’ll be one of the three lucky ones to receive 2 passe-partouts.

Nuit Blanche Amsterdam

When: June 18th
Where: Different locations throughout Amsterdam (e.g. EYE film institute, Brakke Grond, Magna Plaza, Guerilla restaurant)
Tickets: Passe partout €12,- (you can buy one at De Brakke Grond) and single tickets at the different locations (between €2,50 and €5,-)

Murder in Mokum:

Eddie the Eagle:

Guerilla restaurant (7 PM is already sold out and the dinners at 11 PM and 3 AM are almost too):

What, where and how much?

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