Meet and Eat: T

Meet and Eat: T

Jun 16, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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Some people dream of doing things, others actually do them. A couple weeks back I met one of Amsterdam’s DO-women. Where most people would see a scruffy, deteriorated, old steak house, she saw potential and a great location. Hidden under the trees opposite to the University of Amsterdam you can find this picturesque place. The name is as simple as its concept: a place to sit and have a good sandwich, coffee or ‘T’. This little treasure provides a large assortment of tea flavours, and offers an excellent high tea arrangement on top of that. For those scone and cake lovers out there this is quite the treat!

Putting the T in tea

The owner of this small but sweet establishment is Yvette Nieuwboer. She has lived and breathed the catering industry for the last decade, and started working at the age of 18 because she couldn’t decide on a study.  After a few attempts at the books she realized that her future dream was to have her own business. During her travels in India she was introduced to modern tea café’s and thought: “Tea is the new coffee.”

Three and a half years ago she stumbled upon the current location of  T, and together with her boyfriend she redecorated the inside of the building. Most of the interior has been designed by Yvette and made by her boyfriend.

When I found the place it is was a mess and had been vacant for over two years. It was cursed and doomed for failure, but I tried to see through that

The interior is a combination of old and new artifacts, which create a homey feeling. Self-made eyecatchers are the teapot lamps hanging from the ceiling as you walk in. Most of the goods are for sale under the name Restless products, a side project of Yvette.

Although T is situated across the university of Amsterdam you will not find a menu for students here. The result is a very diverse audience that find its way to T; from Germans, Italians and English, to people who teach at the university or work around Plantage Middenlaan. Next to the mixed crowd there’s also quite a collection of sandwiches. 90% of what you eat at T is homemade and a selection of food that Yvette loves and stuck with her during her travels. The hummus sandwich with grilled zucchini is very popular, and from the sweet department the cheesecake and scones are favourites.

The atmosphere at T reminds me of a place I could find in London or Berlin. Laid-back and cosy, and having Henry the Camel watching you while you eat only adds to the fun. Want to know what I’m talking about? Go visit T yourself!

T, the facts

Warm pastrami sandwich with melted old cheese, pickles and mustard mayonnaise – €5,30
Grilled eggplant sandwich with parmesan cheese and tapenade – €5,00
Jasmin tea from Simon Levelt – €2,30
Caffè latte – €2,20
The service was swift and nice.
Roetersstraat 4hs

Pictures courtesy of Miss Fione Teunis



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