Nuit Blanch walk-through: charge yourself and your iPhone to solve a Mokum murder

Nuit Blanch walk-through: charge yourself and your iPhone to solve a Mokum murder

Jun 15, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Want to go on a 12 hour nightly journey through Amsterdam? Find obscure places, meet inspiring people, immerse yourself into new experiences? This is exactly what Nuit Blanche Amsterdam is offering you on June 18th. With less than month to go, we will update you with weekly revelations about what the Nuit Blanche programme will be.

Surely you’re familiar with Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective ever, and you might’ve dreamed of a detective career more than once. If so, Nuit Blanche is your chance to play the mystery game Murder in Mokum, in which you become a detective solving the murder on call girl Candy Jane. We had the chance to ask the creators of this mobile game about their thoughts on Amsterdam and their Nuit Blanche initiative. We believe this game is going to be one big adventure, especially because of their first words in the interview: “The Nuit Blanche night is about discovery and we are going to add even more adventure.”

The mobile game creators and Amsterdam

Amsterdam is their home & playground. According to them, there’s still so much to see, to discover and of course to meet new people. Nuit Blanche helps them with these discoveries, but they also think you can make it a mission to go to a new place every weekend. Don’t think you’ve been everywhere or did everything; there’s always more. Besides the good things about Amsterdam, there are a few things these creators really miss. The main defect is the freedom to create and execute ideas without being held back by governmental rules: “We miss good and healthy food after a night of partying, therefore we hope that the local authorities give the city a 24 hour license.”

Murder in Mokum

Murder in Mokum x Nuit Blanche

The idea behind the game is to create your own playground within the city and to create a story during the night which will only be experienced by the other players of the game. The detective game is an application that you download on your phone. It’ll take you through the city and at every Nuit Blanche location you have to search for clues that help you figure out the identity of the murderer.

The night is about discovery and we just wanted to add a little bit more adventure

When we asked them about the content of the game during their favourite festival of the year, they refused to elaborate on this. “People might find it too easy if we do, haha”. They want it to remain a mystery, just like any good murder story is supposed to be. Just make sure that you and your iPhone are fully loaded for this game, because the murderer is already on the loose. Think of a good detective name for yourself to start off with, this will help you envision yourself as an awesome investigator!

We’ve already created a story, and we’re looking forward to become partner in crime of Sherlock Holmes. Want to go on this detective adventure? Check out either the Nuit Blanche Facebook page to stay updated or watch the teaser for some inspiration!

The game is for iPhone only. Download the 7scenes application and start up the game. From 19.00 till 02.00 you have the time to score as many points as you can by finding clues and information on every main location of Nuit Blanche. There will be a final at 03.00h to find out the winner of the game. Running empty on battery? No problem. There are charging stations set along the way!

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