Nuit Blanche walk-through: postmodern shopping at Eddie the Eagle shopping centre

Nuit Blanche walk-through: postmodern shopping at Eddie the Eagle shopping centre

Jun 8, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Want to go on a 12 hour nightly journey through Amsterdam? Find obscure places, meet inspiring people, immerse yourself into new experiences? This is exactly what Nuit Blanche Amsterdam is offering you on June 18th. With less than month to go, we will update you with weekly revelations about what the Nuit Blanche programme will be.

Postmodern shopping during Nuit Blanche

Are you done with the ‘normal’ shopping centres in Amsterdam? Then Nuit Blanche is your chance to visit the ‘Postmodern Shopping’ experience designed by travelling museum Eddie the Eagle. We had the chance to ask the creators of the Eddie the Eagle Museum about their thoughts on Amsterdam and their Nuit Blanche initiative. “Amsterdam is a theme park for tourists” were their first words about our fair home town. They do admit that the city is slowly waking up, and is offering us more space for creative initiatives, such as Nuit Blanche, which showed them how a great cultural night can look.

Amsterdam is a theme park for tourists

Magna Plaza x Eddie the Eagle Museum

After being asked to design a programme during Nuit Blanche for inside the Magna Plaza shopping Centre, the creators of the Eddie the Eagle Museum went completely wild. They set up about 1/3rd of the shopping centre with ‘experiences’ you would never expect in the posh Magna Plaza. They will offer “discounting discoveries, discharging sensations, bulimic perceptions, overextended spending power and poignant proficiency sell-outs”, until 6 in the morning.”

When we asked them about their previous experiences with Nuit Blanche they said last year was an unforgettable night; swinging through Amsterdam from surprise to surprise at unknown and unusual locations.

Want to go on this cultural shopping adventure? Check out either Check out either Nuit Blanche’s or Eddie the Eagle’s Facebook pages to stay updated.

Cirque Karbonkel @ Eddie the Eagle Museum:

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