I'm there and you should be too: Dredg, William Fitzsimmons & OFWGKTA

I’m there and you should be too: Dredg, William Fitzsimmons & OFWGKTA

Jun 6, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Part-time pop journalist, living within walking distance from Leidseplein, hence ending up at gigs almost every other night. Every musical genre will do, but I have a preference for dark, melancholic, and above all authentic and honest music. If you feel there's a band I should know about, enlighten me by mailing to macha@overdose.am.

So it’s Monday and you’re probably drowning in self pity after partying too hard. Work, school or a combination of both are making your life miserable and the only thing you’re looking forward to is the next weekend. Chin up dear reader. Bear with me and I will show you a world of musical splendour. Every other Monday, I will point out the best indie, folk and rock shows you might not want to miss. Get your ticket, enjoy the music and get straight to bed after. This is just what you need to slide a bit smoother through another cruel week of hard work.


Why: This Californian band is at its best when it lets its experimental, prog-rock side shine. On the older records you can hear the guys drawing inspiration from TOOL, but now their sound turned a little bit more mainstream. This band still consists of incredible musicians and vocalist Gavin Hayes gives me the shivers. I like it how they don’t care about what’s in style and are just honest to the bone.
Where: Melkweg
When: Tuesday, June 14th
Tickets: €17,50

William Fitzsimmons

Why: William Fitzsimmons might just be the nicest musician around. If you’ve been to one of his shows you know what I’m talking about. It feels like you’re sitting in front of a good friend who has the most beautiful voice and an easygoing, pleasant nature, and that beard is absolutely legendary. Not your typical Saturday night show, but great for those who love quiet, intimate folk songs. Guys, some free advice from me to you: be a gentleman and take your date to this gig!
Where: People’s Place (via Paradiso)
When: Saturday, June 25th
Tickets: €17,-


Why: These kids are breaking all the rules, and even though it sometimes turns a little bit sinister it’s something you need to witness live! Their show at Paradiso on Queen’s Day was crazy, while their gig at the Primavera Sound Festival got a little violent and eventually ended in a big stage invasion by the crowd. Like about everyone, I’m intrigued by Odd Future. Keep a distance from the stage and I think you can very well walk away in one piece.
Where: Melkweg
When: June 29th
Tickets: €20,-

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