Can hard//hoofd festival live up to their promise in the offline world?

Can hard//hoofd festival live up to their promise in the offline world?

Jun 6, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Mark Visbeek is a designer, musician, superstar, and loves illeism. Always looking to create beautiful things, I'm often distracted by the amazing stuff happening around me. My most important weapons are limitless amounts of love and a faux-French accent.

I never actively scour their website, but I still find myself spending quite some time reading their extremely interesting and ever pointy reports, columns and stories. Somehow they just force themselves into my daily activities by injecting my friend stream with clever titles, confusing quotes and fascinating thumbnails. I have no choice but to click and quench my curiosity by reading every single letter on the page.

Hard//hoofd is a daily online magazine for culture and journalism, a literary counterpart of if you will, providing their readers with what the internet seems to lack nowadays: depth and nuance. A noble goal for sure, but are these promises real, or do they turn out to be as empty as our daily Facebook status updates? To find out, hard//hoofd decided to have a shot at living up to their online promises in the offline world.

Next Saturday, June 11th, they will present hard//hoofd festival. A festival where they combine music, cabaret, poetry, exhibitions, debate and DJs in a potent mixture of cultural soul-food. A solid twelve hours, from 15.00 to 03.00, they provide the audience with a full-immersion experience of their intellectual and entertaining programme.

So whether you would like to debate about online journalism, participate in a Wikipedia quiz, laugh at cabaret or just want to dance to some pounding house music, hard//hoofd festival is the place to be. I’ll be there joining you to see if they can indeed live up to the promise they built for themselves, and to go wild when they do.

hard//hoofd festival

Where: VLLA, Amsterdam
When: June 11th, 15.00h – 03.00h
Tickets: €10,- pre-sale, €13,50 at the door
Info: Hard//hoofd festival
hard//hoofd festival flyer

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