Nuit Blanche walk-through: play with SLAVE at their cultural playground

Nuit Blanche walk-through: play with SLAVE at their cultural playground

Jun 1, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Want to go on a 12 hour nightly journey through Amsterdam? Find obscure places, meet inspiring people, immerse yourself into new experiences? This is exactly what Nuit Blanche Amsterdam is offering you on June 18th. With only one month to go, we will update you with weekly revelations about what the Nuit Blanche programme will be.

There are many different cultural initiatives in Amsterdam. However, most of the time all these creative activities take place separately from one other. What if you can go to a cultural playground where all the different creative activities come together at one spot? The Nuit Blanche Night makes exactly that possible, with SLAVE at the Brakke Grond. We had the chance to ask the creators of SLAVE about their thoughts of Amsterdam and their Nuit Blanche initiative.

Bring people together and offer something that is missing in Amsterdam.

The concept of SLAVE

SLAVE, produced and curated by Dimitri C. Madimin, initiated out of the need to break down the walls with current standards in Amsterdam. Standards which separate high culture and low culture, and draws a line between street art and elitist art. This resulted in a venue where people can meet and gather and, most importantly, can create something new and creative. The guests and people who participate at SLAVE venues are Slave itself, the base and framework for SLAVE. Furthermore, SLAVE believes that what is currently happening is most important, not what will happen in the future or what has already happened in the past.

Their focus lies on the diversity both artists and audience. Different cultural layers of Amsterdam gather in order to produce a lovely and interesting evening full of arts; from professionals to amateurs, students and well-known artists.

An artist produces his artwork mostly out of artistic freedom, but in contrary he also turns himself into a slave to the arts. We are all slaves to our own passion and interests.

Nuit Blanche x SLAVE

When we asked SLAVE what they miss in Amsterdam, they answered that it should offer the ability for creatives and art lovers to gather in a warm atmosphere, where new things happen without being able to predict the result beforehand. That’s exactly what Nuit Blanche means for them, their experience is that everything can happen. It offers a wide range of creatives, and puts Amsterdam in a different perspective. During Nuit Blanche, SLAVE will fill the Brakke Grond with all kinds of entertainment: music and poetry performances, interactive installations and an art exhibition. The afterparty will be hosted by KISS Escort ft. KLONCK from midnight to 4am, guaranteed you can dance the night away!

Want to experience this cultural playground? Check out either Nuit Blanche’s Facebook page, SLAVE’s one or their website to stay updated.

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