Ordinary People Looking Extraordinary at By AMFI's b-day bash

Ordinary People Looking Extraordinary at By AMFI’s b-day bash

May 31, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Last Friday, By AMFI celebrated the birth of their new visual identity and website. A colourful Mojito bar and a pyramid made of ice cream only added to the festive atmosphere. As with every fashion party, it’s obviously about seeing and being seen. Although a greater part of the population was safely dressed in black there were plenty of people picture worthy. So I just let my zoom lens unashamedly do the trick for me. Don’t judge, just enjoy staring!

By AMFI is the Statement Store of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, located at Spui 23. Passionate students and teachers develop concepts for the store and reflect on the zeitgeist at school and in society.

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