Films about our planet at Strawberry Earth Film Festival

Films about our planet at Strawberry Earth Film Festival

May 30, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Strawberry Earth is back with their annual film festival, including loads of side-events and awesome after parties. For those unfamiliar with Strawberry Earth, they are a blog about ‘sustainable living, eco-friendly design and a good laugh’. This is certainly not their first offline event though; next to a previous film festival they’ve hosted a fashion show and some parties, all dedicated to their sustainable goals. The film festival features a selection of the best new films and documentaries about our planet, and don’t think that these are dull or lecturing. Expect documentaries about Brazil’s trash dumps and abandoned Detroit (trailers below).

Strawberry Earth Film Festival

When: June 4th & 5th
Where: Studio/K
Tickets: all films €7, after parties free
Film schedule: some trailers below, full programme here

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