Edits' last eight art works are revealed

Edits’ last eight art works are revealed

May 26, 2011 |  by  |  Art
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Two months ago, I told you about the last call for Edits, where young designers made a chance to be exhibited at Amsterdam’s Central Station. The results are now here! I went to the opening last Monday, where eight young designers presented their work. The art works all had to be inspired by a participating museum. This could be by an object from the permanent collection, by the building itself, or it could be a translation of their personal vision of a museum.

Formalism (Sietske Sips & Taconis Stolk) about their design ‘Navigating by the stars, cleaned up desktop version':

For centuries we sailed the seas using our eyes. During the day there was the sun, and at night, the constellations gave us the right direction.

I must say, the artists came up with really fresh and original pieces of art. They are now exhibited at Amsterdam Central Station next to previous calls for Edits. They will be exhibited for at least one year to dress up the construction and to show everyday travelers and locals what Amsterdam has to offer in the creative and cultural field.

Edits is the result of a collaboration between the local authorities and the Museum Night foundation (N8).

Huis Marseille, Linsenmund // lense mouth, Monja Gentschow:

Olympisch Stadion, Celebrate the spirit of sportmanship, Jasper Willemsen:

De Oude Kerk, OK, Afonso Gonsalves:

Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Navigation by the stars, cleaned up desktop version, Formalism (Sietske Sips & Taconis Stolk):

Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder, We hide in plain sight, Sjoerd van Rijen:

Tropenmuseum, Tropenmuseum, Sylvia Stolan:

Hermitage Amsterdam, zonder titel, Hoax:

De Appel, Apple Polisher Sweatshop, Nivard Thoes & Ma Yan Jun:

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