I'm there and you should be too: Dark Dark Dark, The Naked & Famous, Katy B, Battles

I’m there and you should be too: Dark Dark Dark, The Naked & Famous, Katy B, Battles

May 23, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Part-time pop journalist, living within walking distance from Leidseplein, hence ending up at gigs almost every other night. Every musical genre will do, but I have a preference for dark, melancholic, and above all authentic and honest music. If you feel there's a band I should know about, enlighten me by mailing to macha@overdose.am.

So it’s Monday and you’re probably drowning in self pity after partying too hard. Work, school or a combination of both are making your life miserable and the only thing you’re looking forward to is the next weekend. Chin up dear reader. Bear with me and I will show you a world of musical splendour. Every other Monday, I will point out the best indie, folk and rock shows you might not want to miss. Get your ticket, enjoy the music and get straight to bed after. This is just what you need to slide a bit smoother through another cruel week of hard work.

We tip four bands this week and thanks to Paradiso and Melkweg, we have 2×2 tickets to give away for all four of them. To win, comment below this article on our Facebook page explaining why you are the #1 fan that deserves to go which gig. Winners announced on May 30th!

Dark Dark Dark

Why: Now based in Minneapolis, but with musicians from all across the US, this band really lives that bohemian, travelling life that to us would seem something from a romantic past. The band got to their current shape while touring, picking up their bandmates from New Orleans and New York. There should be six of them on stage, but due to extra costs sometimes they have to travel light and leave part of the band at home. Front-lady Nona Marie Invie has an incredible voice and sounds better live than on recordings. Last year they played the same room in Paradiso and made me fall in love with them a little bit. Really nice if you’re in a calm mood!
Where: Paradiso
When: Thursday, June 2nd
Tickets: €10,-

The Naked & Famous

Why: Their debut Passive Me, Aggressive You really made heads turn and got these young ones a place in the spotlight. They made the BBC’s ‘Sound of 2011′ list and the BBC has proven to be right yet again; the crowd loves The Naked & Famous!The band went from the smaller Tivoli De Helling to the big one at Oudegracht, because the tickets just flew over the counter. Now they’re headed to Paradiso’s lovely main stage and I have to say, I’m a little taken by the hype. When things move so fast for a band, it should have a reason and I’m curious to witness the strength of this New Zealand collective.
Where: Paradiso
When: Monday, June 6th
Tickets: €14,-

Katy B

Why: When all the major UK dubstep producers are lining up to work with you, there has to be some talent. Sweet, little Katy B was the voice to Magnetic Man’s Perfect Stranger, but has now released an album of her own called On A Mission. Benga stepped in to produce the single Katy On A Mission and the outcome makes you wanna dance, right? Her show at the Melkweg is your chance to get a glimps of this rising star.
Where: Melkweg
When: Tuesday, June 7th
Tickets: €14,-


Why: Battles went through some changes when Tyondai Braxton decided to leave the band. For their newest album Gloss Drop, the band decided to stay a trio and didn’t go looking for a replacement for Tyondai. Instead, the guys worked with a bunch of different singers like the legendary Gary Numan. When seeing Battles live I can’t keep my eyes of drummer John Stanier (ex Helmet), who is an absolute god when it comes to speed, endurance and creativity. His cymbal is so far up that Stanier, who normally almost sits on top of his drums, needs to stretch all the way up to reach it. A great live band, that is very fun to watch!
Where: Melkweg
When: Thursday, June 9th
Tickets: €17,-

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