Live painting for Brazil's favelas at Hannekes Boom

Live painting for Brazil’s favelas at Hannekes Boom

May 19, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Hannekes Boom, our favourite hang-out since Queen’s Day, is hosting a small event for charity this Saturday. The sympathetic Amsterdam based organisation Favela Painting, who paint Brazil’s infamous Favelas in bright colours to inspire the people and attract to attention to their problems, is the beneficiary of the day. Twenty picnic tables will be painted by artists from all corners of Amsterdam. The tables will spend all summer on Hannekes terrace to tell Favela Painting’s story, after which they will be auctioned off to support the foundation. Go support!

Favela Painting

Live Painting for Favela Painting

When: Saturday, May 21st
Where: Hannekes Boom, Dijksgracht 4
Artists: Vage Gasten, Leyp, The Olifants, Venour, Sober industries, SNAR, Favela Painting, Lize Korpershoek, Morrisson Schiffmacher, Michel Willemsen, Henxs, ROYALSTEEZ, Leon Römer, James Worthy, Geraldine Kemper, Eva Bartels, Anna Speller , Bas Kosters, Duncan Stutterheim & Hanna Verboom.
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Favela Painting

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