Sightseeing-jogging through your own town

Sightseeing-jogging through your own town

May 17, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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Hi! My name is Faye and I will be your guide through Amsterdam for the day! Enjoys randomness chat, good banter and will help you find the best dealers in fun, food and adventure.

The other day I found myself in the Vondelpark and was captivated by half of Amsterdam jogging by. I felt like an anthropologist discovering a whole new world. You can really see that the human has no threatening predator in its natural habitat any more, which makes it pretty entertaining to sit back and look at how we have evolved from running away from sharp teeth. I too joined the jogging trend and used to run three times a week, but after a while I just got a bit bored. Luckily, last Saturday I was invited to a run with a twist and was introduced to the world of sightseeing-jogging!

On the move

My running quest started at the Schreierstoren where I met up with Emre and Oguz; two young entrepreneurs who started ability events, a company that wants to share the city of Amsterdam in an exceptional way. The group of the day consisted of a few girls including my long-time friend Gunes and a new-found friend Brittany from the states. She was here to visit her cousin in Amsterdam, but back home would run 7 miles everyday, and has a very elementary life slogan: “SWEAT IT OUT!”.

The run took us from the Schreierstoren to the Jordaan and many more locations. Emre would stop at every place, stretch the group, and tell us facts and history of our beloved little town. I discovered that the name Jordaan is originally derived from the French word ‘jardin’, which means garden and that this is why the streets are named after flowers.

The tour ended at the library OBA where we were given a delicious salad and an organic drink. I had a great time and felt super enlightened and fit on this Saturday morning. Next to sightseeing jogging, ability events offers many more interesting and fun activities in Amsterdam.  I believe that the secret of its success is the combination between locals and tourists, because my laughing muscles had a good work out too!

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