Guest of Honour: Edu Imbernon, warming up for Friday night

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This Friday, we’re very privileged to co-host the event ‘Next Monday’s Hangover: Edu Imbernon & Friends‘ featuring the man himself, Agoria, Joey Daniel and Ferro. With a bit of help from our friends at We Are E and AIR, we got to ask the young DJ, producer and label owner some questions about his expectations, his rapid succes, our town and his opinions on the perfect party. You might want to listening to his last live set at AIR whilst reading the interview.

Edu Imbernon is without doubt one of the most promising talented artists in electronic music right now. At just 21 years of age the native Valenciano from Spain has torn up dance floors all over the planet with his hit “El Baile Alemán” (produced alongside Coyu), released under German label Liebe*Detail and heavily supported by artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Sebastien Leger, Agoria and many more. He also has the right to say he is one of the youngest artists ever to reach number one in the Beatport TOP 100. “El Baile Alemán” was ultimately the most sold track in 2009, was featured in Resident Advisor’s Top 100 most charted tracks of 2009 and was eventually awarded the ‘Best Underground Track’ of 2009 by Beatport alongside Edu being named ‘Rising Star’ for 2010 in the company of Nick Curly, Ben Klock, Julian Chaptal, Stimming and a few select others. His current productions just keep on flying higher and higher with a multitude of critical acclaim.

Edu Imbernon March Podcast (Recorded Live at Club Air, Amsterdam) by imbernonmusic

1. Edu, you’ve been to Amsterdam before and playing at AIR won’t be a first time for you; are you looking forward to the 20th of May?
Yes! I’m really excited about this one as I’m starting my own kind of night, I really love this club!

2. Any particular connection with Amsterdam? Does it mean anything to you?
I feel a lot for The Netherlands in general, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are quite important for me. Every time I come here it feels like family, I can play whatever I want, Amsterdam is a wonderful city!

3. You’ve played at so many events by now. In places like Berlin, Ibiza and Amsterdam there are dance events almost every day, but not all of them stand out. What do you think are key elements for the perfect party?
For me the most important thing is the music culture, sometimes I arrive at clubs and the DJ before me who is supposed to do a warm up is playing top 100 Beatport tracks at 128bpm and smashing the place, that’s the opposite of club culture for me. The perfect party has to be different, the warm up is an important thing to build up the night and keep the intensity until the last record. Also, an international crowd like the ones in Berlin, Ibiza and Amsterdam is important, there might be lots of tourists but also lots of club tourists. They choose between lots of different parties and when they have a choice they die for that choice, they want to party, hang out and enjoy the night as much as they can. That’s the feeling I always get in Ibiza for example!

4. After successfully producing tracks that exploded on Beatport amoungst others, you’ve performed around the world and started your own label ‘Eklektisch’. Do you prefer to DJ, produce or to run a label?
I prefer to DJ and produce over running a label, I don’t like the paperwork thing. Ultimately my perfect choice would be to DJ my own productions!

5. What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment up to now?
The Beatport number 1 track with ‘El Baile Aleman’ and the most downloaded track of 2009 was a big start, but I have to say last year’s remix for The XX hit Crystalised and my residency at Space Ibiza are also important accomplishments. More to follow for sure!

6. What was your latest genius discovery (artist or track)?
There are a lot of upcoming artists every year, but if I have to say one, I’m quite impressed with the Dutch guy Bas Amro!

7. Any colleague DJ/producers you can specifically appreciate or relate to?
All my spanish mates (Uner, Coyu, Affkt, Los Suruba, Triumph, Ivan Picazo, Danny Serrano…), we are a lot and we are working hard to put Spain underground music on the international market. I really envy the Dutch, German and UK scene, they are so united. I also envy the club and festival way of booking the artists in those countries; they really support their national artists. Sadly in Spain it’s not the same, but we will keep working!

8. Lastly, for any aspiring electronic producers out there craving for a career like yours: what advice do you have for them if they want to make it in the dance industry?
Patience and perseverance, I’m only 21 and began to produce music at my 18th. Dreams come true, you only have to fight for it!

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