An Affordable Street Art Revolution at 'Prints & the Revolution'

An Affordable Street Art Revolution at ‘Prints & the Revolution’

May 16, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Occasionally when I visit an exhibition I find a piece of art that just calls out to me: “buy me, buy me”. However, once I take a peek at the price tag this urge quickly fades away as my jaw drops to the floor. I then just shrug my shoulders and tell myself that someday, probably in the very far future, I will be able to buy a piece of art to brighten up my living room. That’s why I was positively surprised when I visited the ‘Prints & the Revolution’ exhibition displaying incredibly affordable street art, pop art, graffiti art and other contemporary art.

The story behind Prints & The Revolution

Prints & The Revolution is an online gallery specialised in the above mentioned types of art. The organisation wants to make art easily accessible and offer and display the work of relatively known and unknown artists. We did a short interview with one of the organisers: Birgit Schuurman.

The beginning
Prints & the Revolution was started because Arne Toonen (one of the founders together with Birgit Schuurman) had just picked up painting again, after years of directing commercials, and was looking for a place to show his new work. Because they couldn’t find such a place with art they liked, they decided to just create it themselves.

The artists
Birgit and Arne both had befriended artists whom were enthusiastic about the concept, and these befriended artists knew great artists, who knew other great artists, and so on. Prints & the Revolution now represents 22 artists, all hand-picked by Birgit and Arne. According to them, it is almost like an extension of their living room, a hobby gone crazy.

The reason why this gallery can offer affordable art is because only virtual space is rented (, which is cheaper than renting a gallery. However, the artists still receive the same income as in other galleries.

Prints & the Revolution

Date: May 12th to May 22nd
Location: Rokin 75
Tickets: FREE!

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