Talking ice cream and lingerie with Marlies Dekkers

May 13, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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Amsterdam based designer Marlies Dekkers is, in my eyes, a pioneer when it comes to lingerie, and a great example of a strong woman. I’m a huge fan of the way she does business: straight to the point but with a very sexy touch. Although she doesn’t collaborate with other brands too often, even Marlies had to say yes when Magnum approached her for a special project regarding the launch of their new Temptation Fruit flavour.

Cranberries, chocolate & lingerie

I was invited to view the results of this collaboration at Amsterdam’s beautiful Dylan Hotel and let me tell you that this was one yummy treat! Marlies has designed a limited edition lingerie set based on the new Magnum Temptation Fruit, that has a touch of chocolate and cranberries in it. The set consists out of a brown bottom and top with splashes of hot pink, both beholding the signature ‘Marlies touch’. The exclusive set will not be for sale, but you can win one (that will always be custom made to fit your body perfectly) by buying Magnum Temptation Fruit and checking the code on the package on Marlies Dekker’s website.

Talking temptation with Marlies

I had a chance to ask Marlies some short questions and I was mostly curious about her own favourite ice cream flavour. “I really love anything that has chocolate in it, preferably pure chocolate. And I love fresh fruit, so this was the perfect fit for me”, she told me. Marlies also explained that she immediately knew what kind of lingerie set she wanted to design for Magnum: “When I tasted the ice cream and heard about the packaging, I just knew that I wanted something tasteful and classy, yet playful. Lingerie and ice cream go very well together, they are both a treat for women and make them feel good. I couldn’t say no to that”. I can’t agree with her more!

Photography by Xaviera Wong A Soy
Video by Roland Pupupin

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