'Dicht op het Vuur', a perfect event for romantics and music lovers

‘Dicht op het Vuur’, a perfect event for romantics and music lovers

May 13, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Hi! I'm Ernesto. I will bring you a visual perspective of the cool stuff happening here in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

I discovered this event when I locked myself out of my apartment and was waiting for a locksmith to arrive. I waited for over an hour, happily surprised to hear some inspiring music and good vibes from across the road, at the Noorderlicht café. My curiosity led me there and I felt right at home. The first thing I noticed were the people: laid-back, open minded and all enjoying themselves.

Slowing down

So are you sick of all those raves and loud music? Located at the Noorderlicht café on the NDSM wharf, Dicht op het Vuur (‘Close to the fire’) is a night were singer-songwriters, bands, poets & theatrics perform on a small stage in front of a bonfire. A perfect event for romantics and music lovers.

It’s the only place left in Amsterdam where you can enjoy an open fire with a band playing in the background, not to mention the view! The entire skyline of downtown Amsterdam rises before you, as you feast your eyes over the IJ Canal across the wharf, scattered with the lights of the city. An event definitely worth experiencing. After spending almost every Friday night of last year’s summer there, I could not but share this with you, so get there and feel the vibe.

Dicht op het Vuur

Where: Noorderlicht Café, t.t. Neveritaweg 33

When: Tonight, May 13th, 21:30
Who: TUTHOLA, a new pop band by Jochem van Tol and Ibelisse Guardia. They mix music with theatre and performing arts, and their raw songs with trouser-wobbling bass-lines and irresistible melodies are very addictive. This magical duo is accompanied by Harald Austbo on cello and Baz Mattie on drums.

When: Friday May 20th, 21:00
Who: Blind Parade, an indiepop-trio led by singer Sophie Zeyl. They found each other through their shared passion for making music, and are influenced by the likes of Fink, Joan as Policewoman, Beach House and PJ Harvey.

Tears by blindparade

When: Thursday May 26th, 21:00
Who: Maison du Malheur, who have a ’20s to ’50s sound mixed with rhythm & blues, swing and rock & roll. Complete with a contrabass, shuffle-drums, fingerpickin’ guitar and a barrelhouse-piano, Maison du Malheur reminds of the time that people drank whisky and smoked cigars while dancing on the bar. Their debut album ‘Waitin’ for trouble to come’ will be released later this year. They will give you a taste of this swinging album on this special night, so get your dresses and funky hairstyle on and join in!

Oh, almost forgot to mention: It’s for free!

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