Meet and Eat: Sucre

Meet and Eat: Sucre

May 12, 2011 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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I am not one to roam the streets of the P.C. Hooftstraat nor wine and dine in high-class restaurants. I find my guilty pleasures at the negenstraatjes or a street corner pub. My current pocket money status does not really allow myself to wander these swanky places anyway, but what if it would?

Not too long ago my photographer in crime and I were invited to the reopening of Sucre. I had never heard of the place and imagined it to be a small corner shop selling sweets. I wasn’t too far off; Sucre used to be located at the Amstelveenseweg and was originally founded as a dessert restaurant, but had to move to a larger location due to its success. The new address was the Hobbemastraat 2 formerly known as ‘club Mansion‘.

Sitting room

When we arrived at Sucre I didn’t really know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t five floors of restaurant! Sucre has a purpose for every level; the first level is the sitting room, where I had myself a ménage a trois with Harney and sons. Apparently one of the eldest tea brands in the world and consumed by the British Queen herself. I tried the invigorating tea, which Deepak Chopra especially designed for the tea brand. I know… this is too much for my cup too…

harney and sons

Workshop area

After trying royal and body cleansing tea we went down to the next level, the workshop area. This area is designed for the clients to try different wines and have cooking classes. The wine ‘cellar’ is very impressive. It looks like a ‘mission impossible’ wine volt, with glass walls and special locks; I guess to scare away those alcoholic kleptomaniacs.

wine 'volt'

Dessert store

Next stop was the dessert store. The store shows all the delicious desserts the restaurant has to offer in posh glass displays and is a tribute to the old Sucre. From different chocolates to cakes, the displays have different dessert themes and change every season. We were lucky enough to try some samples that were all equally stunning. I did immediately express my disappointment in the miniature size of the desserts, but then again I am a bit of a pig.

sucre store

Dining level

A bit odd, but from the dessert tasting we hopped on to the dining level where we tried samples of Foie Gras, lobster, oysters and meat. The food teasers indicate the quality and twist of Peter Scholte’s kitchen. After trying Sucre’s cuisine we moved to the penthouse and had a selection of cocktails to end the night, which resulted in us walking back to our bikes dazed and happy.


All in all Sucre is a luxurious experience that has the ability to offer an exquisite evening, but it comes with a high price tag. The minimum (and I mean minimum) cost for a meal is 45 Euro, so if you have a graduation to celebrate it is a good excuse to ask your parents to pick up the check.

Pictures courtesy of Tamar Weenen.

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