Next Summer’s Hangover part 1: Amsterdam Open Air, Click, 18hrs & PITCH Festival

May 10, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the summer? Let me narrow your options down by suggesting our cities best festivals where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s part 1 of where you festival warriors should go to for next summer’s hangover. (Part 2 here!)

June 4th: Amsterdam Open Air @ Gaasperpark

The perfect setting for the opening of our capital’s festival season. Why? It’s supposed to be a reflection of what Amsterdam’s night-life looks like. If you’re one of them techno fistpumpers you’ll probably run into me at the Format, Carnivale of Plak stages during Paco Osuna, Alex Under, Stacey Pullen, Davide Squillace or Pan-Pot but the nice thing about festivals is adventure, which probably means I’ll stand next to you during Apenkooi’s DJ Hell performance as well. In the end I don’t even care about all these DJs with impressive biographies, I live in Amsterdam and I love the creative people surrounding me, Amsterdam Open Air is just another excuse to see all these folks and that’s totally cool.

July 2nd: Click Festival @ NDSM Docklands

After the big deception of their Queen’s Day event being cancelled, Click decided to launch their own festival to make up for the big expectations. No full line-up available yet, just a few serious names like Chris Tietjen (DE), Markus Fix (DE), Johnny D LIVE (DE), Remy, Wouter de Moor and Estroe. It’s at the infamous rave docks of NDSM, which somehow always adds something to atmosphere, my theory is that abandoned industry and water make you feel more free from your everyday life. With that said, I expect Click to announce a full line-up soon with some additional crowd pullers cause to be honest, it doesn’t feed the horse enough yet. We’ll be sure to update this post as soon as they do so, until that time ‘click’ down to the next festival.

July 9th: 18hrs Festival @ Balkenhaven (2×2 give-away)

Oh yeah, another new concept, strictly for die hard festival ravers. Why? You don’t have to go begging everybody where the afterparty is after getting your coat from the cloakroom, because you probably won’t even make it to the end. This festival is trying to remind us that the show CAN go on after 5 in the morning, just as it does every week in cities like Berlin. Something which the Dutch authorities haven’t learned to accept yet, so this festival is actually writing a bit of dance history. That should be reason enough for to go shuffle your way into the next day on July 9th. The location is easily reachable for Amsterdam residents by bike or bus and will be filled with a massive line-up provided by Rejected vs. We Are Connected, Click, Bar27 loves Linke Soep and our friends of Plak. Convinced?

Good, cause we have 2×2 tickets to give away for this one, so get your ass on Facebook and comment below this post why you want to help write rave history.

July 9 & 10th: PITCH Festival @ Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek

Last festival for our first edition of Next Summer’s Hangover is a broader and more musically orientated festival named PITCH. Featuring acts like Crystal Fighters, Flying Lotus, Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz, Jamie Woon, Apparat Band, Hudson Mohawke, Chromeo, Junior Boys, Palmbomen, Tom Trago (live), Jungle by Night and The Gaslamp Killer to name a few. This one is good for anyone into contemporary and futuristic music such as deep(house), dubstep, pop, disco, UK, jazz, electronica and more. Basically a big FU towards your regular close minded laptop or turntable DJ. You can go for both day tickets or a passe-partout, definitely a must for the true music lover.

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