Film lovers, pay attention to de Balie's new film night 'Cinema Egzotik'

Film lovers, pay attention to de Balie’s new film night ‘Cinema Egzotik’

May 10, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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I’m not an expert on films which occasionally causes me to get extremely confused when I have to choose one out of so many. Director Martin Koolhoven (Schnitzelparadijs, Oorlogswinter a.o.) and ‘expert’ Ronald Simons (, collection specialist at EYE film) have simplified this for me by organizing a monthly programme in the Balie called “Cinema Egzotik”. During these nights, Martin Koolhoven and Ronald Simons alternately choose two of their favourite movies which are then projected off 35mm films. We did a short interview with them.

Why Cinema Egzotik?
“We want to expand the passion for film in the Netherlands and we believe that by showing the movies that we love, we can generate that spark and pass this passion onto the audience. For me (Koolhoven), showing the movies I love is similar to playing your favourite records at a party; simply fun! In addition we are going to show the audience lesser known b-movies by unknown cult directors to show them what else is out there.”

Why the name “Egzotik”?
“This title just stands for the bizarre, hilarious, eccentric, dangerous and unknown! Actually for everything which just isn’t boring.”

Film culture in Amsterdam
Both film experts agree that there just isn’t enough attention for lesser known films which don’t originate from Hollywood. There are plenty of films available, but unfortunately, not enough available locations and/or a big enough audience attracted to these movies. In addition, Simons emphasizes that he would like to see more special previews where directors or screenwriters are invited to introduce the films and provide it with the necessary context.

Your favorite film theater?
“De Balie, where we now have our monthly film program!” (Koolhoven & Simons together)

The second edition of Cinema Egzotik will take place this Thursday with a “Vietnam” theme. Ronald Simons has chosen two movies this month; the evening kick-off will be with “Platoon” by Oliver Stone followed by Jacob’s Ladder which will be introduced by writer Hafid Bouazza. These two movies have both been made financially possible by Frans Afman who passed away last week. This month’s Egzotik will therefore also include a small tribute to Frans Afman.

Cinema Egzotik #2

Date: 20.00h – 01.00h
Location: De Balie
Tickets: Normal €7 Student/CJP €5

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