Eating 'guerilla style' with Nuit Blanche walk-through

Eating ‘guerilla style’ with Nuit Blanche walk-through

May 9, 2011 |  by  |  Event
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Want to go on a 12 hour nightly journey through Amsterdam? Find obscure places, meet inspiring people, immerse yourself into new experiences? This is exactly what Nuit Blanche Amsterdam is offering you on June 18th. With only one month to go, we will update you with weekly revelations about what the Nuit Blanche programme will be.

Guerilla restaurants

What do you do after you’ve organized several successful illegal raves in warehouses and want something different? That’s right, you start organizing dinner parties at unusual locations. We met these five guys, depicted above, to ask them about their ideas, future plans and their Nuit Blanche idea.

Guerilla restaurant

Something which started out as five friends organizing extraordinary dinner parties for their friends quickly grew into something bigger. According to the Guerilla restaurant team, Amsterdam doesn’t just lack new concepts in the party scene; the restaurant scene was also getting quite boring. To spice things up, they decided to organize ‘Guerilla restaurants': pop-up dinner parties on surprising, secret locations, which normally wouldn’t be considered as a ‘proper’ restaurant. Food remains the main ingredient, but the entire experience counts: you call a voice-mail on the day to hear the location, unorthodox restaurant settings, decorations and music, limited seats and of course a delicious 3-course meal, all for only 25 Euro.

Nuit Blancha x Guerilla restaurant

During Nuit Blanche, an exquisite meal will be prepared for approximately 300 lucky guests in three shifts. Imagine eating a three course meal at 3 a.m., quite unusual right? Where will this all take place? That remains a secret for now. However, we can give you one hint: the only way to get there is by boat (or perhaps swimming, if you’re a very enthusiastic swimmer).

Want to go on this cultural dining adventure? Check out either Nuit Blanche’s or Guerilla restaurant’s Facebook pages to stay updated

Just imagine eating a three course meal at 3 a.m.

Photography by Rutger Houweling & Tamar Weenen

Guerilla restaurant

Guerilla restaurant

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