Fighting for medals at Puma Social Club

Fighting for medals at Puma Social Club

May 3, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Fashion, Photos
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Last week, I mentioned a new phenomenon called Puma Social Club. A place where athletes and non-athletes could come together, enjoy music and play games. I was extremely curious to experience this social club myself, as I had no idea what I could expect. Would the entire room be filled with sweaty testosterone machos? I could imagine competitive girls running around, ready for a catfight. They would all be dressed up in sporty gear I could never imagine myself wearing. After all, my perception of gaming often equals the above-stated horrific scenes.

Fighting for Medals

To my great surprise, Puma and Vice managed to create a night that was very relaxed, fun and competitive in a very friendly way. The décor was amazing and I found little hidden surprises in every corner. But before I knew it, I was joining the games and fighting for medals. Unfortunately, Xaviera beat me at air hockey, which gave my ego a little setback. But besides this, I have to admit that I loved being at a party where there was so much more to experience than just drinks and music!

I felt very sporty and chic while pretending to be one of the gamers and I enjoyed every minute of it. I ended up leaving with one medal (for Cardioke), which now proudly hangs on my bathroom mirror since it’s the first medal I’ve ever won. All I can say is that this one medal has made my appetite grow for more. A feeling that still increases while I go through the 12 pictures below!

Photography by Xaviera Wong A Soy

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