Meet and Eat: De Vredespijp

Meet and Eat: De Vredespijp

Apr 27, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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They say that in life, you should always pursue your passion and turn your dream into reality. In 1971, Ko van der Meer decided to do just that. He founded his very own Art Deco furniture shop, on a corner in the middle of de Pijp, one of the old and cozy neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. His family always lived above the shop, until the entire building had to be thrown down. The family fought to retain the place by collecting signatures and eventually, they had to choose between the house and the shop. Ko decided to choose for the shop and fortunately for us, this means De Vredespijp still exists.

The cutest antique table wear that would brighten up every kitchen.

Passionate about food

Besides a shop, De Vredespijp is a really cute lunchroom with great coffee and tasty food, which is exactly why we wanted to meet the staff. Having lunch here feels like dining in your own living room. Since we couldn’t decide between the chicken sandwich with artichoke spread or the sandwich of the week with humus and grilled eggplant, we both got one slice of each. The food wasn’t served very quickly, but as Daatje (Ko’s daughter who now runs the cafe) states: “We don’t serve fast-food, but food made with love”. She was right: the sandwiches looked great, and the taste was sublime. You could really taste the freshness of the ingredients in every bite. I guess that bit of extra love was worth the wait.

Every single lamp, table or chair is available for sale. You can even negotiate on the price.

Buying away

Last but not least, since we ladies love our shopping, it might be handy to note that everything at de Vredespijp is for sale. Chairs, tables, lamps, jewellery, bags, and even some vintage clothing: if you fall in love with it, throw some cash into the equation and the object is yours. Daatje obtains the items in the store from traders who she has known for years, and therefore exactly know what she’s looking for. Most of the interior is in Art Deco style, which was the last period that everything was made by hand and also gives that unique feel to the entire area.

A place where the food is not served fast, but prepared with love. A social shop where people from the neighbourhood can meet and come together. That’s what De Vredespijp is, and always has been about. And we kind of love it.

For more information on De Vredespijp go to their website!

De Vredespijp, the facts

Sandwich of the week (Humus) €6,25
Sandwich Organic Chicken  €7,50
Organic Soda €2,50
Cappuccino €2,30
Homemade Pies €3,50- €4,25 (the pepper-choco-bomb is very much recommended)
Service: Service was slow, but the many goodies that can be purchased and the taste made it worth the wait.
Location: 1e van der Helststraat 11a

Text by Roosje Kuizenga, Photography by Anna Nikbakht Nooshin

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