I'm there and you should be too: Suuns, Emeralds & Gang Gang Dance

I’m there and you should be too: Suuns, Emeralds & Gang Gang Dance

Apr 25, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Part-time pop journalist, living within walking distance from Leidseplein, hence ending up at gigs almost every other night. Every musical genre will do, but I have a preference for dark, melancholic, and above all authentic and honest music. If you feel there's a band I should know about, enlighten me by mailing to macha@overdose.am.

So it’s Monday and you’re probably drowning in self pity after partying too hard. Work, school or a combination of both are making your life miserable and the only thing you’re looking forward to is the next weekend. Chin up dear reader. Bear with me and I will show you a world of musical splendour. Every other Monday, I will point out the best indie, folk and rock shows you might not want to miss. Get your ticket, enjoy the music and get straight to bed after. This is just what you need to slide a bit smoother through another cruel week of hard work.


Why: This Canadian band made a massive impression during their last visit to Amsterdam. I got blown away when I saw them perform at OCCII. Their sound is somewhat uncanny and yet so danceable. Electronic and hypnotic, but brought to you by a fully equipped band. It’s quite a ride, so I suggest you go!
Where: Paradiso
When: Tuesday, May 17th
Tickets: €10,-


Why: Pitchfork rated their most recent album Does It Look Like I’m Here? with an 8.3. Not bad, eh? On my first listen I couldn’t grasp what I was hearing. It’s somewhere between familiar (krautrock and experimental electronic music from the 1970’s) and something I had never heard before. I expect the live show to be psychedelic and intense. If you like your music catchy and easy listening, you might want to skip this.
Where: OT301
When: Wednesday, May 18th
Tickets: €10,-

Gang Gang Dance

Why: There’s always this one gig you particularly look forward to: for me this is the one. Since I stumbled upon their incredible album Saint Dymphna I just wanted to see this band perform live. Gang Gang Dance takes inspiration from all over the globe to make it their own. They move inbetween genres but stay interesting and sharp at all times. Anything but boring!
Where: Melkweg
When: Thursday, May 19th
Tickets: €15,-

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