Getting intimate with Sam Friday part 2

Getting intimate with Sam Friday part 2

Apr 22, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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Remember my new crush I told you about? This week, Sam Friday finally opened its first store in Amsterdam to introduce everyone to the world of intimate apparels. The store opening was all I could imagine of the brand, and more: stylish and glamorous, without being intimidating.

As you may know by now, I admire and support those brands that go all the way in creating an experience. Those who don’t fear taking risks and do what needs to be done to make the launch of a product work. Sam decided to use De Uitkijk, one of Amsterdam’s most authentic theatres, for the festive store opening, to create a true experience for the invited guests.

As I entered the theatre I took place in one of the comfy movie seats for the upcoming show. Through different on-screen shots and off-screen catwalk shows, I witnessed a day in the life of the perfect Sam Friday boy and girl. The girl is confident and sexy, knows what she wants and chooses her intimate (home)wear with much care. The boy on the other hand, is preppy yet streetwise, and can rock a casual sweater because style isn’t necessarily the same thing as fashion.

A caption of the show during the launch of Sam Friday- Copyright Team Peter Stigter

After the show the models escorted the crowd to the backside of the theatre that was connected to the store. I can be brief about the interior and feel of Sam’s new home: it’s sublime and very well done. All the intimate wear is placed neatly in different closets, so you no longer have to go through racks of clothes hangers to find your size. The fitting rooms are spacious and come with instructions on how to easily measure your own size. I instantly felt at home.

The very well organized closets and cute racks at the store itself- Copyright Team Peter Stigter

The after party was private, with a very intimate show of Dutch singer Alain Clark. He made sure that all the girls (and boys) in the crowd left with a smile. All I can say is that my crush for Sam has evolved into a deeper love, now that I know I can visit the store whenever I want. And since summer is around the corner, and we all feel more energetic and free spirited, I wouldn’t hesitate too long to do the same if I were you.

A very intimate show by Alain Clark- Copyright Team Peter Stigter

Photography by Xaviera Wong A Soy

Sam Friday Intimates

Location: Leidsestraat 87, Amsterdam

Open Daily from 09-21 hours.

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