Welcome to Hannekes Kroon, a Queen's Day extravaganza!

Welcome to Hannekes Kroon, a Queen’s Day extravaganza!

Apr 21, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Because we would be crazy to stop at just writing about music, fashion, art, spots & events, and because experiencing all these in an Amsterdam based setting and ensemble is what we enjoy most, we present you: Hannekes Kroon (Facebook)! Our second big event after the Next Monday’s Hangover rave is a Queen’s Day collaboration with local rave organizers Plak and will be one not to miss. Expect music by local DJs and a festival-like setting, at a location of which you’ve never seen the likes before.

A fairytale Disneyland for adults

Hannekes Kroon is named after its host and location, the new pop-up cradle-to-cradle bar Hannekes Boom. Located behind the NEMO museum and just beyond the OBA, Hannekes Boom is a hidden gem with a location as central as they come. A 360 degree view from the rooftop terrace reveals everything from the ruins of Club 11, the historic Prins Hendrikkade, a pirate boat (arr!!), the NEMO and Scheepvaart museums, a navy base and the railroad tracks; it doesn’t get much more Amsterdam than this. The building itself is completely made out of recycled materials and will be there for just five years.

On Queen’s Day, we’ll turn the site into a festivalesque extravaganza with artwork and props, thus creating a fairytale decor. Needless to say, tasty fresh food and cold drinks are waiting for you; expect freshly made paella, Saté Ajam, hamburgers and hot dogs, and fairly priced beer (€2,20) to wash it all down with.

If you are enjoying Queen’s Day by boat, hop by our harbour with waterside bar!

The music

Queen’s Day is not really a day for fist-pumping and bangers, but more of a sunshine, barbecue and ‘gezelligheid’ occasion. At least in our book it is. To facilitate this mood we are serving up some appropriate music, all from Amsterdam based DJs of course:

Arjuna SchiksFreddy SpoolSimon WeissAlex SupertrampSome Chemistry

Arjuna Schiks – Live Set Spring 2011 by Arjuna Schiks

Freddy Spool @ 3HOOG in AIR 11-12-10 by freddyspool

visionaere siebzig by Simon Weiss

Alex supertramp @ plak 25-03-2011 by Alex Supertramp

Melody Bombs – Spring Live Set by Some Chemistry

Hannekes Kroon

Date: April 30th, 12:00-20:00
Location: Hannekes Boom, Dijskgracht 4.
Tickets: Free!
Media: website, Facebook event.
Line-up: Arjuna Schiks, Freddy Spool, Simon Weiss, Alex Supertramp & Some Chemistry.

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