Flemish folk & raw, sexy blues from Leeuwarden at Sonic Connections

Flemish folk & raw, sexy blues from Leeuwarden at Sonic Connections

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Following a successful series of Sonic Soirée nights (1,2,3, coverage by Overdose.am), de Brakke Grond are hosting their 3-day festival Sonic Connections again this week. Like at the Soirées, they are featuring the latest developments in a broad range of styles: pop, noise, metal, glam rock, folk, grunge and many more. The common theme between the performers is where they are from: all local heroes from Flanders and the Netherlands. Whether you’re into pop, indie or rock music, go check this one out. I visited a few Soirées myself and I can vouch for their programming selections.

Flemish folk & raw, sexy blues from Leeuwarden

Some snippets from the programme that I think will be enjoyable:

BlackboxRed (NL): Hard, sexy and danceable: this is BlackboxRed. He bangs the drums and she rocks her guitar. This duo from Leeuwarden balances at the intersection of grunge, electro and blues, resulting in a raw, explosive and rebellious sound. With a live show guaranteed to raise the roof.

The Van Jets (B): Winners of Humo’s Rock Rally in 2004, The Van Jets have since then driven themselves on to new highs. Hailing from Ostend, The Van Jets play a mix of glam rock, rock ‘n’ roll, garage rock and pop, and always deliver a live show that really gets pulses racing. Their two record releases have been showered with exceptional praise, they have scored many hits on Studio Brussels and performed on the main stages of both Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop.

Broken Glass Heroes (B): “The Beach Boys on a cycling holiday in Limburg,” is how Humo described Broken Glass Heroes, following their performance at the most recent Pukkelpop festival. Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, dEUS) and Pascal Deweze (Sukilove, Metal Molly) formed this group as a spin-off from the TV series Benidorm Bastards. But it proved to be a stayer. Sunny sixties pop with countless dalliances with very different genres.

The Van Jets
The Van Jets

Guitar building & Living Room gigs

There’s more than music to enjoy though, with several interesting side events demanding your attention. A few tips on these experience-enhancing happenings:

One of these is a workshop with pop photographer Guy Kokken (see feature image and below for his work). This Belgian ace has shot countless international superstars and is here to spread his knowledge. A photo shoot for OOR magazine can be won by one lucky participant! E-mail fleurie.kloostra@brakkegrond.nl to sign up.

Also interesting is the guitar building workshop and performance by Dutch instrument-maker Yuri Landman, who has worked for the likes of Sonic Youth, Blood Red Shoes and dEUS. Yuri will help 16 participants build their own guitar under his supervision during the festival, after which they will all join him, Dusting Wong and Kapitan Korsakov in an ensemble performance. E-mail lisa.wiegel@brakkegrond.nl to sign up.

Then there’s ‘Live in Your Living Room’ every day at 19:00. Two intimate acoustic gigs in living rooms near de Brakke Grond, one of which is in MixTup’s Mark Coleman’s house. You will depart from the main festival location and be guided to the living rooms, after which you will sit down and get up close and personal with the bands.

Luke Pritchard from The KooksTom Barman from dEUS
Luke Pritchard (The Kooks) and Tom Barman (dEUS) shot by Guy Kokken.

Sonic Connections

Date: April 21-23 (thu-sat), 19:00 – 01:00
Location: Brakke Grond
Tickets: €10 / €12 a night (online/offline)
Line-up day 1:
Houses, The Van Jets, Drums Are For Parades, BlackboxRed and Shamans of the Deaf Country
Line-up day 2:
Yuri Landman, Pien Feith, Broken Glass Heroes, Lyenn and Fata ‘El Moustache’ Morgana
Line-up day 3:
Kapitan Korsakov, Dustin Wong, Eklin, Mary and Me and Yuri Landman

Feature image is Belgian folk band Laïs, by Guy Kokken

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