Music meets fashion with Diesel's Rock & Roll chic collection

Music meets fashion with Diesel’s Rock & Roll chic collection

Apr 14, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion
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It was a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam when I decided to drive my bike to the Diesel headquarters to take a look at their new collection. I wasn’t expecting much, since most collection presentations tend to look the same. Little did I know that by entering the room, I would step into an atmosphere where the Rock & Roll lifestyle was transformed perfectly into a fashion wonderland.

No Guns. No Roses.

With the new A/W collection, Diesel tells the story of boys and girls trying to find their way through the music industry. Music lovers who spend their days and nights creating tunes in their bedrooms; dreaming of freedom. Aspiring wannabe superstars, visualising screaming audiences day after day. For these young folks it’s only a matter of time before their dreams will come true and they play gig after gig. Rather sooner than later, they will start touring the world and live out their rock & roll dream.

From flannels to denim

The collection presented at Diesel HQ provided the perfect pieces to accompany the above-mentioned rock star status. From cotton flannels, baseball hats, knitted cardigans and fleece home wear, to five-pocket-jeans with a preppy touch: everything you’d need to take with you when stepping into a tour bus for a few months was there. A bit of a wild touch, a hint of idealism and a guitar is all you need to add to the equation.

Amsterdam rocks

To top it all off, the styling of the showroom totally matched with the general idea behind the collection. The minute I walked in I felt like I was being a part of a real tour story. I could feel the vibe of a band going on tour, selling out show after show and living out of a suitcase. This ‘backstage’ feeling was completed when I saw a girl sitting on an old leather couch, playing her guitar and looking bored. And when I was told that all the props at the showroom were self-made, I couldn’t help but to leave with a huge smile on my face. After all, creativity and extra effort during press month make these visits so much more fun.

So whether you are an upcoming rock star or just want to look like one, you don’t have to look any further than the pictures below for inspiration.

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