Trash Humpers lifts Hollywoods veil over society

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Quite a few words come to mind when watching Trash Humpers, the new movie by Harmony Korine. Surreal, scary, disturbing, but also melancholic and beautifully put together. To categorize it would be impossible, because Korine’s new film isn’t one to label easily. The main characters are filming each other for instance, and the editing seems sloppy, which makes it look like you’re watching either an old VHS or modern day amateur movie. In the end this turns out to be an essential part of the beauty, fitting perfectly into the main theme of this movie.

Trash Humpers

Trash Humpers is based on a group of elderly people that used to live nearby the house Korine grew up in. They spent their days peeping through windows, getting drunk and setting things on fire. One night, when Korine was still a little kid, he saw them humping trashcans. This particular scene had such an impact that years later, he decided to make a movie about them. More specifically, for them.

Trash Humpers

Leaving society

However, I highly doubt aforementioned senior citizens would approve of this film. The three main characters, two men and one woman, simply defy all the rules set by our society. They fill their days with getting drunk, setting things on fire, destroying stuff and occasionally killing people. All the while singing songs that will haunt you for at least two days. One particular scene is their view on ‘normal’ people and their 9 to 5 jobs. How those poor people are ‘trapped’ and that they could never live that way. It’s scary but at the same time a little sad; even though they meet people who seem to share their lifestyle throughout this story, the humpers will always be on their own. The way the movies is shot only amplifies this feeling.

The entire movie seems to deal with this issue; what do people do if they distance themselves from the common lifestyle? Even though this film is a bit of an exaggeration, it really seems to be about letting go of all that is seen as normal.

Kids & Ken Park

Harmony Korine is known for his provocative, maybe even disturbing movies. After writing the scenarios for Kids and Ken Park he directed a number of films, Trash Humpers being the latest one. He shows us a raw side of the world, hís world. It’s like he lifted the veil Hollywood kept over our society. Not the happiest or best movie out there, but it’s something you definitely should see.

Trash Humpers will be shown in various cinemas from the 14th of april. You can catch it at SMART Project Space at the Arie Biemondstraat 111, every night at 19.45 and 21.45.

Tickets: €7,00/ Students €6,00

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